Lookin’ Back

Looking back on the wedding, now that we’re nearly 4 months down the road, is a little bit bitter sweet. We wish we could bring our friends and family together like that 10 (20) times a year (we like to party). There is no greater feeling than  jamming out to the world’s greatest version of ‘Can’t You See’ after being freshly nuptialed (there has been no greater display of musicianship that I have ever seen (credit- Andrew Stanley and Union Road)). My only regret is that we had to leave so soon. My vocal chords had just begun to warm up when we jumped ship into – what many believe is – the epidemy of US vehicular manufacturing – the ’66 Ford Bronco.

It’s no secret that there are often many obstacles in the putting-together of an epic party/wedding. The trees lining the ceremony required 3 days worth of engineering and the rescuing-efforts of Paul Wright and his headstone truck. The tractor we had on-hand didn’t quite have enough ass to move the 20ft trees into place (#faceplant). The night leading up to the wedding, put on by father, was hands-down one of the greatest nights of my life (credit – Luke Rowe’s musical talent and Sandy Davenport’s timely speeches). The wedding favor candles. The wonderful arches, under which we were wed, were covered in 2 full truckloads of smilax vines – which were recovered by Allyson, Brody, and myself. These vines came at the cost of a poison ivy epidemic that lasted the span of the honeymoon. Regardless of the obstacles faced in the preparation of the event, an absolute fantastic time was had by all. I cannot give enough credit to all involved. Rita Falk (wedding planner and lifelong second-mother) is an absolute genius when it comes to making things happen. She has incredible vision and an even greater ability to make that vision happen. Alex and Dylan are, quite possibly, the world’s greatest capturers of incredible moments. If we started posting all the images/clips we love everyday, we might not stop posting for a full year and half. We were so impressed with their pictures and video we offered to buy everything they had from the day, including the camera with which they took the pictures. When all was said and done, in true Matt and Allyson fashion, we were the last ones up at the after party. It’s likely that the encroaching excitement of the honeymoon (which we had only partially packed for) was the driver of this energy, but, needless to say, was not unusual for my behavior.

To all involved – mentioned and not – we owe a sincere ‘thank you’. Most of you are already aware of the money involved in the execution of an event like this, but the time and effort involved proved that we truly have some of the greatest friends and family in the world. On behalf of Allyson and myself… we are blessed beyond belief and cannot thank you all enough. Sincerely, thank you.


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